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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you teach online piano lessons?
    Yes, absolutely! For whatever reason, you may choose for you or your child to have piano lessons online. This can be a great way to continue lessons without sacrificing quality and loss of piano skills when in-person lessons are not a possibility. The Sarraf Piano Studio is fully equipped to have lessons online. The mediums currently used to facilitate these lessons include: Skype Zoom FaceTime (for iPhones) All you need for online piano lessons is access to a piano, reliable internet, and a computer, iPad, tablet, laptop, or cellphone with a camera.
  • What age should I start piano lessons?
    The average age that children start piano lessons is around the age of 6. However, there are a lot of exceptions; every child is different! Lessons can start as soon as 4 years old, but anyone can learn to play the piano at any age.
  • How long are the piano lessons and how often do they occur?
    Piano lessons range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and are generally dependent on the student's age (i.e., younger children often find that sitting at a piano lesson for more than 30 minutes is difficult!), personal interest, and experience. The more experience a student has with playing the piano, the longer their lessons generally need to be. Lessons occur no less than once per week. Some students choose to do 2 lessons a week, in order to cover more during their lesson, and incorporate theory and aural skills into their lessons, too. During the consultation, and throughout your studies, we will make adjustments to suit you and your child's needs.
  • Can you teach piano at my house?
    The Sarraf Piano Studio is located within Trabuco Canyon, California, in the community of Portola Hills. Lessons can be taken online or in person, dependent on preference and on the State of California's laws. Ms. Sarraf does not teach at students' homes.
  • What kind of piano music do you teach?
    Ms. Sarraf teaches the foundations of music through classical music instruction. However, she is flexible to teaching other types of music, including popular and contemporary music. It's important to teach what a student wants to learn! Keeping the passion for music alive is part of the responsibility of being a great piano teacher.
  • Do you teach adult beginners?
    Yes! It's never too late to start learning to play the piano.
  • What is your pricing for lessons?
    The prices vary per timeframe. Please contact Ms. Sarraf for more information.
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